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  • Grand Rapids Educational Article of the Month - What kind of damage do rats cause in the attic?

What kind of damage do rats cause in the attic?

What kind of damage do rats cause in the attic?

All around the world, rats are the most common rodents found in attics in Michigan homes and they can cause tremendous damages when they are not removed. Aside from the health risks they pose, rats do have the tendencies to soil and contaminate food and cause diseases such as Lassa fever( foods such as fruits that are dried outside for a long time for instance, can be contaminated by rats hiding in the attic). Rats can cause more damage in the attic than Michigan mice and the reason being that rats are larger in size and are more aggressive in behaviour.

One of the most extensive damages rats can cause in the attic is fire accident. Fire accidents are more rampant where rats chew the wires surrounding insulators in the attic and thus exposing such electrical wires to accidents. Roof rats are the commonest types of rats found in attics, they can be sleek and very fast in their operations, and such Michigan rats can be black or dark brown in colour depending on their geographical locations. Roof rats are agile when climbing through walls, doors and roofs, up into the attic; they can create nests in shrubs, at the ground level and gradually work their ways into the attic.

There are quite a number of evidences suggesting that Michigan rats are damaging your attic and these include the following:

- Chew marks. Damages caused by rats often start with chewing, and it can be easy or difficult to detect these marks, unless you look extremely closely. Rats chew the cabling and wires and those are components that are first damaged when they gain access into the Michigan attic.

- Noises. Beside the chew marks, the running and scratching as well as Gnawing on the attic can cause be heard from other parts of house, especially during the night when Michigan rats are most active? Scratches may damage fragile components of the attic, even though such damages may be negligible.

- Rat droppings. Rat nests often contain inflammable items such as woods, small sticks and dry grasses; these can spread fire quickly in the attic, especially when cables and wires are exposed to high temperatures. Rats often deposit food items while working their way into the attic.

- Rat droppings, urine and fur can create some offensive odour that can trigger allergic reactions to both humans and pets. The costs of treating infections such as Lassa fever, caused by Michigan rat can be very high, especially for poor families.

- Rats can cause structural damages to the surrounding areas of the attic, especially where chewable items such as wood, can be found. This can add up quickly to the cost of Michigan home renovation

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