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  • Grand Rapids Educational Article of the Month - What is the best bait to trap an opossum?

What is the best bait to trap an opossum?

What is the best bait to trap an opossum?

The Michigan opossum will eat anything they get the hands on since they are omnivores and they eat foods from animals and plants. Since there are many things in your yard that the opossums can eat, the bait to use should be able to stand out to entice the opossums into the trap. The food that attracts the opossums better are fruits and other foods with a strong smell like oils and meat. The examples are Aniseed oil on the bread, canned pet food, fish and apple. The best way to trap the Grand Rapids opossums is to know where to position the bait. You have to decide on the position where to put the bait. It should be inside or around the bait so that it can be captured easily. The bait placement should be put in the place so the opossums will be able to enter into the trap fully and it will be able to engage a trigger. You have also to consider the style of the door. To ensure that the Grand Rapids opossum does not steal the bait and go with it, you should put it away of the trap walls. If the trap has a trigger plate, then the bait has to be hung over the trigger plate directly or in the hole underneath the trap or the plate.

You can use small bait as a trail to go inside the trap so that you may lure an animal inside. Remember that many animals may be tracked on the same baits as the Michigan opossum. If you do not want to catch the animals that you do not want you have to set up the trap only at the night since it is the time that the opossums are more active.

After determining the bait, you should also determine where to put the trap. If you are not aware of the area where the Grand Rapids opossums are, you should put the trap on the place where you see too much activity or damage. When the animals live in the shed, static or other area, put the trap in the center of the room. The trap should not be placed on the sun to avoid overheating the Michigan animals that have been trapped.

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